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SAM Party DJ Editor's Review

Pump up the jams with this great Windows audio mixing application.

Now, many people are going to have the opportunity to attend parties and dance. With as much concentrations placed on digital music and multimedia as there has been in the past few years, it's not easy to mix songs together from large music libraries. That's why I'm glad there's applications like SAM Party DJ. It's an audio mixing application for Windows.

SAM Party DJ has dual player decks, allowing you to cue up the next song in your playlist while the current song is still playing. Its Cross fader and gap killer will insure there is a seamless transition from one song to the next, while its beat matching and volume normalization will insure that your music plays at a consistent level.  In the end, you sound like a real professional DJ.

When the time comes for Karaoke, and it always does, SAM Party DJ is there to help. The application contains Karaoke support with both voice and sound effects, allowing you to talk, sing or play sound effects over your music.  SAM Party DJ can handle large music libraries, up to 50,000 tracks; and supports full drag and drop, making it easy to find and cue up the right music at the right time.

Pro’s: Great mixing app, allows for pre-recorded announcements with voice tracking;

Con’s: Does NOT play well with other apps and processes;

Conclusion: The application has got some really GREAT features and the screens are awesome. However, I always have a problem with apps that want me to kill just about every other application and running process on my machine before running it.  SAM Party DJ does not work and play well with your anti-virus or internet suite applications, potentially opening you up to web attacks while "spinning" your music at a party.

The application is obviously hardware and resource intensive.  While the minimum system requirements only call for a single core, 2GHz processor with 2GB of RAM, I truly believe this is understated.  You will likely fare much better with a quad-core 2GHz processor with 4GB – 8GB of RAM.  Anything less than this may make it very difficult to use the PC for anything else (like downloading new music from a legal music purchasing site) when someone requests music you don't have in your library.

SAM Party DJ Publisher's Description

SAM DJ is a fully featured, professional DJ system designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding DJs! If you are serious about your music - then SAM DJ is for you! Features Dual decks, Crossfading, Beat matching, Karaoke, Gap killer, large media library support, drag&drop management, instant song search, Album cover support and much more! Perfect...

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